A downloadable project

Project Team :

This school project was made by a team of programmers with Unity.

Anne-Laure Fidalgo

Christophe St-Jean

Mathieu Bourque

Frédéric Normand

Story :

You are Eva, lost in a snowy forest. The cold freezes you little by little and you have to look for sources of heat so you don't succumb to death.

On your way, you will find extinguished campfires that you will have to lit to be able to warm up. You will continue your way until you find refuge in the nearest village.

Guide :

The village is located to the southeast from Eva's starting point.

The gauge at the top left of the screen indicates the level of cold that is gradually invading you.

You can choose the starting time of the day (depending on the time it will be day or night).

Controls :

- WASD to move

- E to lit a fire

- SHIFT to run

- Right Click to rotate camera

- Escape to pause the game